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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Starfleet fights on behalf of the Federation. That makes them military. The idea that there can be only one military arm is some fantasy that has somehow taken traction on this board. Starfleet is armed, dangerous and engages in space and ground combat.
My point was that you could make the argument that Stafleet wasn't the full-time military if there were other Federation military bodies. But without those bodies, Starfleet is the military seven days a week and three-hundred sixty five days a year.
Oh, okay. If your argument is that Starfleet has many roles besides combat and there could (even if not confirmed) separate contingents that are solely predicated for combat (rather than exploration, diplomacy, police action, etc) then I agree.

Starfleet is military by it being an armed force of the Federation but clearly their charter is far more diverse than most of today's modern military organizations and perhaps only a small portion of their overall funding goes directly into weaponry, space defenses, combat training, etc.
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