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Re: Alien Nation fans?

Hmm. I just saw AN (the original feature film) yesterday evening. Only reason I got it was because (a) I'd missed the movie and the entire series (though I'd read about them in Starlog), and wasn't even aware of the follow-up TV movies until I looked it up on Wikipedia, while watching the film, and (b) it came in the same box as Enemy Mine, for the price of just EM by itself.

Not really into violent "buddy cop" stuff, or "noir," and thought AN could have had more detail on Newcomer culture and still been tightened up, but I found it watchable.

Didn't really find the "sodium chloride is fatal to Newcomers" any more implausible than the dreaded salt vampires of M113, although I did find the seemingly carbonized condition of Strader's body, and Francisco's use of a scarf (porous and absorbent, probably worse than nothing at all!) in a futile attempt to protect his hand when rescuing Sykes, to be very implausible.

Not quite sure what to make about the references, in Wikipedia, to "Uncle Moodri" walking through salt water, and living to tell about it, in the TV series.
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