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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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Lost: I forgot it takes them a few episodes to get back! The whole time Greer was running towards the Stargate hoping to get there before Eli, Scott and Chloe left I was thinking FIRE YOUR WEAPON! That would get their attention and they wouldn't leave until they found him.

Could have done without the whole Greer back story which is just kind of shitty and cliched. Oh tough guy, had a bad dad etc.. I like Greer just fine, I think he's a very interesting character, and the backstory does nothing to make him more interesting.

Speaking of terrible dads, poor T.J.

Nicely done, the beginning of Chloe's massive brain hiccup. Other than the Greer backstory the drama of trying to connect the team with the ship and Greer being left behind works well. Would be nice not to always interrupt these people with earth stuff.

In first run, the Greer backstory really grated on me, I didn't like him yet at this point, and the backstory had me rolling my eyes "Oh, great, angry Black Man(tm) is justified from having a shitty father and a useless mother that allowed her child to be abused and justified it". However, this time around I really enjoyed it, it does explain alot about him, and the locked in the closet scenes interposed into Greer clawing his way out really went well together. I can't believe his dad drove him to the ghetto and dumped him off, saying it was probably good he didn't have any money in that part of town. Did I miss something, did they actually address why his father was such a poor excuse for a human being and took it out on Greer?
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