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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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Also remember the Klingons asking Kirk if he's willing to give up starfleet. I guess everybody is enjoying the same strawman, right ?
As a matter of fact, they are.

Because I also remember Valeris quoting Kirk's words at the end of that very same briefing: "Did you not wish Gorkon dead? 'Let them die,' you said. Did I misinterpret you?"

Cartwright's co-conspirators were listening in on that conversation, either a recording or in real time. Chang brought it up in the first place as a way of baiting Kirk into saying something undiplomatic. He nearly succeeded.

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If Starfleet isn't the Federation military, then who is?
The MACOs.
Again, this is superfluous and doesn't change the overriding fact that Starfleet is an armed force that fights on behalf of the Federation making them military. Whether the Federation has one military element or one thousand as a part of its armed forces contingent is irrelevant.

The Army is a military entity that carries out the directives of the US Government. Its existence doesn't make the Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard or Marine Corps paramilitary organizations. They are ALL military forces.

Starfleet is an armed force of the Federation and by definition it makes them a military.

Military: Armed Forces (Miriam Webster)

1. Armed forces: a country ruled by the military.
2. Members, especially officers, of an armed force.

Military: The armed services (esp the army) (World English Dictionary)

The military.
a. the military establishment of a nation; the armed forces.
b. military personnel, especially commissioned officers, taken collectively.

Starfleet fights on behalf of the Federation. That makes them military. The idea that there can be only one military arm is some fantasy that has somehow taken traction on this board. Starfleet is armed, dangerous and engages in space and ground combat on behalf of a chain of command that leads up to the President of the Federation.

It would seem hard to argue that Starfleet is a bunch of unarmed scientists who do not engage in combat on behalf of the UFP but apparently that's the belief some on this board have.
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