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Re: Casting the DS9 Relaunch

Emissary of the Prophets said:
What is everyone obsession with Sean Connery?
The man is a terrible actor. He refuses/is unable to affect other accents. His Russian was Scottish, his Irish Policeman was Scottish, his Spaniard/Egyptian was Scottish.
A lot of his recent films have been critical & commerical flops.
Casting him(based on looks alone) as Vaughn would be a big mistake.
John Wayne was a terrible actor, too. Mr. T was an abysmal actor. But they're both (as well as Connery) very fun to watch. And besides, I don't think that just because a person can't (or doesn't) do accents means that they're a bad actor. It's also possible that the director/powers that be wanted him to keep the accent because that's the Connery brand. I know when I read Elias Vaughn I'm going to be hearing Sean's accent in all it's Scottish glory, even though I fully know that Vaughn's not Scottish. It's just fun.
I disagree with your opinion of the movie, but I will defend to the death your right to watch it!
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