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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I've read the 3 volumes of the IDW 'reboots' of the classic TOS episodes (with a few new adventures) starring the crew of Abrams' Trek. I thought they were pretty cool, and gave some clever changes to the resolutions. For example, 'Operation: Annihilate!' has certain characters 'live' rather than 'dying' and minor characters from certain episodes (Boma, Zhara Jamal) show up in multiple adventures. I think if STID was clever in the way it handled it's 're-imagining' I would be more forgiving of said film; regardless, I did enjoy the 3 volumes. On the other hand: I also picked up the 'classic' DC compilation, 'Who Killed Captain Kirk' which kinda came off as 'slow' and 'inconsistent' in its story and pacing, and the art work came off a bit too 'busy.'

I am also reading (still) the Deep Space Nine book 'The 34th Rule.'
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