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Personally, I wonder how Disney execs are going to react if JJ Abrams stays true to form and delays the release date of Star Wars like he did his two Star Treks. Somehow, under these circumstances I don't think Disney is going to be as understanding as Paramount was.
JJ is more of a hired gun on Star Wars. He was given free reign and allowed to take his time by Paramount because they need to start over.

For Star Wars a storyline and screenwriter was in place before he was even hired. Obviously he will have input but he is not starting from scratch like him and the writers did the 2 Trek films.

Disney and Lucasfilm are going to be overseeing this. It does not seem he had a particular producer on ST above him. Kathleen Kennedy is a pro. She has respect from everyone in the business. Once it was decided they wanted a 2015 release they would have made it clear that was the expectation. Having real boss was likely one of the reasons JJ was at first reluctant to do this.
I think the trifecta of Lucasfilm (Kennedy), Bad Robot (JJ) and & Disney should be enough to hold each other in check so Star Wars does not get screwed up.
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