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Re: Why are Creationists so afraid of Evolution?

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That's not the point. The point is religion doesn't make you a bad person unless you were already ready to do bad things to begin with. It's just another reason that you use to justify your actions. If you're ready to kill someone "in the name of God", then you would be ready to kill someone without that religion as well.

You describe the outside point of view on that person. If someone kills infidels in the name of God, he is a hero and martyr for one group of people, and a monster for the other group of people. That doesn't affect the main point, that he's ready to kill someone for some reason.
That's it. That's the issue. Religion cannot make a good person do bad. It can be an excuse for an evil person to do evil. A more accurate reading of the statement should be:

With or without religion good people can still do good and bad people can still do bad. However, religion can be used as an excuse for a bad person to do bad, but it can also make a bad person do good.

No, you are saying that a good person can't do bad things influenced by his religion because justifying it by his religion makes the deed good in itself, which is not the case!
No, that's not what he is saying.
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