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Re: Theme List: The History Of The Future

desertstarlover wrote: View Post
But what is the question?
Well let's face it, we Star Trek fans (and Geeks in general) are kind of like the answer to a question nobody asked.

So I figured that all I'd have to do is post a theme list and in short order I'd get people suggesting episodes they think should be included or talking about ones on the list that they don't think belong. Since I don't get emotionally attached (I've had the misfortune in my life of discussing similar lists with those who do) I find the whole process rather fun.

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Could just be a presentation of research he's assembled, for the consideration of members of the board to consider and comment upon.

Nothing wrong with that.

Prezactly and excisely.

Bad thoughts wrote: View Post
I'm not sure that Far Beyond The Stars belongs. Although informed by social history, it is nonetheless a spiritual vision rather than a direct representation of events that happen. On the other hand, it could be considered a comment on human history, not unlike Bread and Circuses and Patterns of Force, looking at the process of history rather than the specifics.
Good comment. My take after much consideration is that there really was a Benny Russell for the Prophets to base Sisko's vision on, given that if they were aware enough of Terra to visit to make sure Sisko got born, then perhaps they've been watching it prior to that too.

teacake wrote: View Post
So many on that list are full of sentiment.

You wouldn't put ENT's Carpenter Street in there?
I honestly considered it but (and this is not mindless bashing on ENT as there's quite a bit of it that I like) it doesn't seem to give any real insight into what ultimately formed the Trek future. It kind of seems a little lazy, and kind of retreads the whole humanity is silly and shallow and self destructive trope that you often get when characters travel into the past.

For me it lacks the passion for the subject that the Past Tense two parter shows.

Honestly if I hadn't decided to include Demons and Terra Prime because of what they show about the Third World War, and the last vestiges of the worst of human xenophobia, Carbon Creek would have been the only one that made the list.
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