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Re: Corporate Bad Guys

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What about Iron Man? Tony's a rich businessman who was literally profiting from death and war, yet he is considered a heroic character.

Or is it just because of really good writing and acting he can be appreciated by audiences?
Iron Man works because they exaggerate the "millionaire playboy" thing to humorous effect, because RDJ lays on the charm and bad-boy appeal, and because they gave him a bad heart to balance out all his wealth and advantages . . . .

Meanwhile, while we're looking at Robin Hood and all, let's not forget Zorro, who came from wealth, but spent all his time defending poor peasants and laborers from wealthy land-owners and corrupt authorities.

(The one genuinely anti-populist hero is possibly The Scarlet Pimpernal, who was all about rescuing endangered aristocrats from the excesses of the French Revolution.)
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