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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Finally saw MOS this weekend. It wasn't bad.....but certainly not great either. I must echo the current sentiments. Too many action scenes. I hated the visuals during Kal El and Zod's fight in the city--the constant crashing into buildings. It was like watching a Transformers video. Very poor. Shannon was just too manic as Zod.

Cavill and Adams were quite good. I also liked the philosophical questions that Jonathan Kent's character presented about what Clark should and shouldn't do in terms of being revealed. Letting people die and whatnot. Very well done....but.....the movie didn't resonate with me emotionally. It didn't stay with me, if that makes any sense. I didn't care enough about the characters. I cared, but not enough. Once thing's for certain and yes, I'm going to get in the way back machine:

With all due respect to Mr. Cavill, Christopher Reeve is still the gold standard of Superman performances. He possessed a genuine warmth and charm that the others playing the role have always lacked. He made you believe it. Of course, Reeve was a classically trained actor. I actually appreciate his performance more in retrospect when I see it as an adult after having viewed him in the Bostonians, Street Smart, and on stage.

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