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Re: TNG Caption This! 319: Ready to Roll!

Data: Oh no!! Star Wars fans!!

Nuria: So who watches the watchers?

Riker: C'mon, Captain, there's only three of us here! Deanna couldn't be that wrong!
Picard: Hmm... Deanna, what exactly did you sense?
Deanna: Great frustration and anger... at me. As if someone would like to cause me pain...
Worf: Grrrr....

Picard: So... what exactly happened?
Crusher: Well she went to the holodeck with Worf and-
Picard: Gotcha
Deanna: I feel paaaaiiiiiin
Crusher: I betcha do

Captain's log: Deanna and Beverly have been playing the 'stand as close to someone as you can without touching them' game for three days. I may be forced to lead another away mission...
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