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July Art Challenge: The Unthinkable!

This month you have to think outside the box. Think of something that could but should not happen in Trek. Like earth destroyed, which we saw that on Enterprise Shockwave. Or the Borg assimilated earth completely in First contact. Or a 3 nacelled galaxy class ship! WTF lol (it did look cool though!)

Whether its a canon; in-universe idea. Or something that you believe CBS/Paramount would never agree to having on the show. It can be as abstract and surreal as you want as long as it shows our beloved crew or ships in it. No crossovers with other sci fi though. I'm sure we'd all love to see the Enterprise D come head to head against an Imperial Star Destroyer.

It should have a big impact on first viewing as the Unthinkable!
Star Trek Absolution episode 1
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