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Re: Casting Trek Lit

Well, since everybody's talking about the DS9 relaunch and such, I'd like to branch out a little and give my fantasy casting for ENT's Daedalus duology. When I do a fantasy casting, I'm most concerned about the voice, so it doesn't always bother me if the person doesn't look the part. Nor does it bother me if I use the same person in twenty zillion different parts (hey, if Jeffrey Combs can do it...). So anyway, some of these are kind of out in left field, but here they are:

Marshall Kairn: Vaughn Armstrong
Royce: Ronald Reagan (Hellcats of the Navy era.)
Neesa Trant: Shelley Long (The book said that this character was black-haired, but I couldn't get Shelley Long's voice out of my head.)
Guildsman Lind: Rene Auberjonois
Ferik Reeve: Judge Reinhold

Captain Monique Duvall: Tia Carrere
General Makandros: Gene Hackman
Colonel Maj Wooler: James Earl Jones (after seeing him every week on The Unit, I think Dennis Haysbert would be more apt for the role).
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