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Re: Star Trek morality test - best and worst episodes

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Yes, have the Prime Directive policy include that when a species is facing utter extinction that Starfleet can move all or part of the species off the doomed world. Direct contact with a primative (or not so primative) species.

Because survival trumps contamination.
I think we discussed this a few years ago. I brought up how this ends up creating a lot of dependent Vassals the Feds would spend years looking after and devoting a ton of resources to.

No, this doesn't mean the Starfleet then has to endlessly prowl the galaxy looking for species to move.
I remembering bringing up how the anti-PD pro-interventionalists would insist they do so.

If that were true, the PD Haters here wouldn't be complaining so much.

And I'm saying that the precedent set would mean that when any others in peril were discovered, the ship in question would now HAVE to call in all ships available to help, meaning the thousands necessary would have to be pulled away from their other (important) duties to do so. Because that's what the Boraal Precedent would cause.

I could imagine that during the Dominion War a Humanitarian evacuation would have been out of the question.
Maybe, but then after the war they'd have to go and try and salvage those worlds they couldn't completely save, even if the ships were needed elsewhere.

Starfleet is simply going to have to employ some kind of selection process. to the majority of the population left behind (abandoned) on the doomed planet the selection process wouldn't be seen as fair.
And given the Anti-PD attitudes witnessed here alone, the Feds would still end up condemned for not being able to save everyone.

your argument is basically a strawman of the pro-interventionists: no one is suggesting that the UFP's primary missions be scrapped so that they can go around looking for planets in danger.

Also, it's not "anti-PD," it's anti-TNG PD. The TOS PD was fine with interventions when it was necessary to save the civilization.
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