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Re: how many of you realy like the TOS tv show

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^ I love your post, desertstarlover. I'm about your age, but didn't discover Star Trek until midway through the TNG.
Thank you! It doesn't matter when you discovered Star Trek, it only matters that it made a difference in your life.
And the thing is it must have made some sort of difference if we are still watching it almost 50 years later. I, like many others on this BBS still watch it all the time. I just finished doing a complete rewatch yet when I am flicking through the TV channels, if I stumble across an episode I invariably stop flicking and watch. I think that says something about the timelessness of the episodes. Yeah, it's dated (and that is one thing I don't really care about because I lived during those years), but the essence of the show continues.

TZ, I didn't realize you hadn't discovered TOS so late. Nice.

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"Change your life" and "difference in your life" are.. different.

All that time you had to do useful productive things with that you have now KILLED has meant your life is different.

You can't escape Star Trek. IT EVOLVES YOU FROM WITHIN.
There are many aspects of TOS to look at. Despite its age, many of the themes are just as relevant today as they were back then. The meaning of many of the episodes is continually evolving - depending on what is happening out there in the real world.
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