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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Yeah but does the PS4 not have pre-order sales spread over 4 bundles, compared to the one xbox one bundle.
Yes the PS4 bundles currently sit in 16th, 27th, 31st and 52nd place while the only XB1 sits in 3rd.

Obviously combined the PS4 will probably be ahead, although that said obviously 16th spot is a fair few less than 3rd, and the lower ones will be way, way less, so i doubt the difference is that much.

But still, who are these people buying the XB1? I'd like to meet one of them, i'd like to shake their hand just to know they really exist because from everything you see online there is NOBODY buying one.

Just seems strange, I think people have been put of "admitting" they bought one for shame of losing "coolness points" or something
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