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Re: Trublood Season 6 discussion *spoilers*

Well, Episode aired here in the States last night. Anyone else watch? Couple of thoughts:

* Pacing of the show seems to be picking up. Every scene seems to advance or contribute to one of the various story lines. Not much filler. Possibly due to losing two episodes this season.

* Still do not like the writing for the Warewolves story lines. Did the current batch of writers completely miss previous seasons? Alcide and Rikki are acting completely out of caracture as compared to the past.

* So it is possible to have a Fairy Vampire. Intresting. Vampires that can walk in the daylight and eat normal food too.

* Anna Paquin lost those baby pounds quickly; she's almost too thin now.

* Going to be intresting to see what "Billith" is going to do to save Jessica's butt after she snacked on ALL of Andy's Fay daughters.... Turn them all?

Your thoughts?

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