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Who's made their own tech manual?

Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise, Mandel's Officer's Manual, and a couple discussions on other pages got me to think about how much I loved these as a kid. I poured over these until they fell apart. I made notes in them. I planned one day to make my own. Well, that's pretty much a cut and paste job.

Originally, I was just going to update the books and supplement them with color pictures, print and simple binding. Then it snowballed. Why stop there? Why limit myself? Design my own ship. Don't like that bridge? Replace it with another one.

So I was going to take the best parts from both (and a couple other books) and make the ultimate fan manual ... but it got too big. And now it looks like two volumes.

Has anyone else ever done this? Any advice for the newbie? Should I make it one huge volume, or two books -- one as a guide to the ship and another as an officer's manual/textbook?
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