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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

This is not a time for half measures.

The boat on her son has to have sailed, but her denial is massive, but you get rid of Theseus and she's as good as killed her boy.

Interesting no that the nature of the "factories" was not public knowledge. Lobotomised, then used as a fine tool to assemble pc components... As far as the goodfacts history is concerned, those workers had not been lobotomised, they were still living thinking feeling people... I'm assuming that the lobotomy couldn't be reversed and that is why Theseus is the secret hero of the hour?

But why did the truth never come to light?

What we are seeing?

This week and last episode... Is that what happened last time, or what will happen this time? What we are seeing are not Kiera's memories which is why I question which time line we are viewing.
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