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Re: Size of starfleet?

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I don't understand why the UFP would allow individual member worlds to maintain separate fleets.
It may be the prerogative of individual Members to maintain Home Fleets as they see fit, and the Federation Council would have no say in the matter.

I don't recall any indication that any member had its own independent fleet.
There's a line of dialog in the episode Unification which arguably says that Vulcan has it's own fleet.

Also, in the DS9 episode "Rapture" a Starfleet Admiral states "The Bajoran militia must be integrated into starfleet," ...
But integrated isn't the same as absorbed. The Admiral could be speak of the militia being able to coordinationed with Starfleet.

... which would indicate that Federation member worlds integrate their forces into Starfleet.
It's always seemed to me that one of the prime reasons the Members formed (or joined) the Federation in the first place was mutual defense. It would make sense for the Member's separate fleets to be able to come together in a coordinated way during times of trouble. I personally think this is where all those vast fleets suddenly came from during the Dominion War.

Prior to the Dominion War, Starfleet was usually depicted as being not particularly large, and often short handed.


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