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Re: Phase II Enterprise Study Model

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Nice looking ship. I did not know that Probert designed her. She is very unique is design. Was this to be the original Yorktown that Rodenberry had mentioned for the original series? It is really nice to see a ship like this.
I think not. "Yorktown" was the original name candidate for the original series which then got changed to "Enterprise".

According to Richard Arnold at one of the conventions I visited, the Yorktown was the "refit" starship that underwent a name change and became the Enterprise NCC-1701-"A" at the end of Star Trek: The Voyage Home.

How this holds up "in-universe" with the Yorktown of the aforementioned fan production from 1986 I don't know, but apparently it was considered to be some kind of testbed for the starship refits we saw in TMP and TWOK.

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