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Re: Why is Data so likeable?

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Indeed, that's the main reason why Pulaski didn't couldn't lazily introduce a McCoy clone and get the same chemistry that you got between Spock and McCoy...Data was too inherently different from Spock.

except that was only her attitude toward him for like five episodes or so. Further into season 2, she's much nicer to him.
By that point, the damage had been more than done. IMO, the character never recovered from consistently-bad first through fifth impressions.

And the whole McCoy clone package went beyond that with the transporter aversion, amongst other touches. It was insulting in my view...they crossed the line between "homage" and "blatant, mindlessly-inappropriate rip-off". Diana Muldaur could have been a good character on the show, if they'd given her a character of her own to play....
I respecfully disagree. In my view Pulaski worked extremely well as a character and Diana Muldaur did an excellent job in the role. It was great to finally have a female character who wasn't just a pretty face and it was also nice to finally have a character who had a serious flaw. She was predjudiced and that offered some nice typically human conflict. Also her objection to Data was understandable in a way. I'm sure there are many people who would have severe difficulty in accepting a machine as a person. She was also a character that showed a lot of growth for the brief screen time that she had and given more time I think she and Data would have become best pals and they might indeed have worked out some kind of Spock-McCoy dynamic. After all Data might be charming and innocent but that doesn't mean he is beyond criticism. To me it was a great loss to the show when Diana Muldaur left. Also McCoy was a great and loved character with a lot of rough edges. Basing a role on him was by no means a bad idea. Crusher/McFadden by crontrast was just bland and generic. After 6 seasons of her she still seemed exactly the same character as in the first episode - annoying and boring with too much of a high opinion about herself.
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