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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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On the other hand, the Normandy SR-2 -- which is larger, more powerful and significantly better armed than the SR-1 -- is a civilian ship manufactured by Cerberus and carries a somewhat more advanced sensor suite on top of it. Commander Shepard can run the SR-2 under military discipline despite the fact that Cerberus is by no means an actual military; it's a nonprofit at best, a terrorist organization at worst.
Actually as of Mass Effect 3 the SR-2 is a part of the Systems Alliance Navy and as such is a military vessel.
And the alliance had to retrofit the living the hell out of it to bring it up to Alliance standard (I was kinda pissed about that too. You mean I have to go way the hell down to the shuttlebay just to mod my armor? Goddammit!)

But since you invited the comparison, what do you say we run with it? Have you noticed, yet, all of the less than subtle nuances in the Mass Effect universe -- the discipline and protocol of the crew, the emphasis in combat readiness, the absolute clarity in the ship's mission to protect Earth and her colonies at all costs, and most of all, the polished utilitarianism of the Normandy itself -
I'm really not seeing many differences between that and the TOS Starfleet I mean we are talking about an organization that basically that let's its personal glass entire planets under some circumstances, so I think that qualifies as at all costs.
Except the Enterprise never actually DID that, and it's far from certain that they could. And the Systems Alliance DEFINITELY couldn't.

But I'm asking you for a comparison more meaningful that "Durr... they both have guns?" Comparing various Sci-Fi organizations -- the Systems Alliance, the UNSC, the Second Empire, the Earth Alliance Space Force , etc -- there are clear differences in tone and ethos. The TOS fleet is the most martial of the Trekiverse, but it comes in as being the softest for the genre overall.

Plus the Normandy in the Mass Effect games is a frigate that uses design elements from Human and Turian ships. We've never seen the inside of a regular human warship...
Actually we do, a number of times in Mass Effect 3 on Cerberus and Alliance cruisers. The interiors are intentionally similar to the Cerberus space stations we encounter in ME2 and 3 and also the the Illusive Man's Kronos Station.

And yeah, by comparison, Normandy's a pretty regular warship.

Also the NX-01 seemed pretty spartan. I mean it's been compared to a submarine interior.
Not entirely sure what they proves since NX-01 was unquestionably built as a non-military vessel.

I'm still not seeming many differences between how the two organizations operate.
My recommendation, then, is to pick up a copy of Halo 4 and play through Spartan Ops phase -- essentially, the UNSC exploration of Requiem.

If I wanted to depict a military organization on a mission of exploration, THAT'S how I'd do it. Not that Starfleet would have to be as purely badass as the Spartans, but given the possibilities presented in 23rd century technology, I'd have to think they'd be at least close.

And as I've pointed out before, that's one of the interesting things about NX-01. It's easy to think of Starfleet as being "the Federation's military" when they're the only game in town. But in Enterprise, the speed, skill and discipline exhibitted by the MACOs frankly made Malcolm Reed's security team look like a bunch of teenagers with super soakers. If you were to encounter a MACO in the 23rd or 24th century, Strfleet security would look just plain silly.
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