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Re: Casting the DS9 Relaunch

KRAD said:
Gleer, the way I wrote him at least, was patterned to some extent after Senator Bob Rumson, as played by Richard Dreyfuss in The American President, so that might work.
Hmm. Maybe. I dunno. I kinda got the impression that Gleer's supposed to be just a bit more likeable than that -- the sort of likeable asshole kind of character. Sen. Rumson from The American President wasn't a likeable asshole, he was just an asshole.

As for T'Latrek, I was thinking Dame Judi Dench.

While we're doing councillors, Matthew Mazibuko was always intended to be played by Zakes Mokae.
I can see that. Though I'm also kinda picturing James Earl Jones and/or Dennis Haysbert.

I like the D.B. Woodside as Bowers. He's young enough, and we can buy him as a twenty-year vet.
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