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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antedean Ambassadors.
B is for Barrows. Yeoman Tonya Barrows. Specialist in hotness.
C is for Cardassia Prime, Cardassian Union planets.
D is for Delta Rana IV.
E is for Enterprising Young Men...a piece of music from the 2009 Star Trek film.
F is for Ferengi teeth. Sharp, but not as dangerous as their owner's business savvy.
G is for Colonel Green. A 21st Century despot who caused the deaths of many millions of people during WW3. Inspired future crackpots like John Paxton and probably Star Fleet Admiral Marcus. Who bears a suspiciously strong resemblance to Paxton.
H is for Hendorff, a redshirt aboard the Enterprise NCC-1701 in both the Prime and the Abrams timelines.
I is for Insurrection. Picard was wrong. The Prime Directive does not apply.
J is for Jerry Lewis, who played many old Las Vegas shows with Dean Martin and was "known" by DS9 holosuite character Vic Fontaine.
K is for "K-rats". What Starfleet calls Klingon targs.
L is for Lenore Koridian. Kirk hitting on a 17-year old girl? Yikes.
M is for Missile. The Nazi regime of planet Ekos used a chemically-propelled missile tipped with a crude thermonuclear warhead to attack the Enterprise(unsuccessfully, but the regime didn't portray it that way to their public).
N is for the Narada. Gigantic Romulan space squid.
O is for Organ Thieves. The Vidiians were these, and damn good and efficient ones at that.
P is for Pirates of Orion.
Q is for Q, the son of Q and Q and related to Q. I guess.
R is for Ross. Yeoman Ross. Another Playboy veteran on TOS.
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