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Jump to 2013, and we have another LR film, coming at time where some superhero productions are (once again) all the rage in fantasy, which only serves to show a TLR (like Legend of the Lone Ranger before it) to be a glaring opposite--something plain or boring. a guy wearing a mask, but he's not much else.
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this movie or any its earlier incarnations, he is just your standard western hero in mask. There is nothing sexy or adventurous like Zorro.
I think this is really the core problem. At one point, the movie was going to have werewolves in it, and I think that could have gone a long way towards making things more interesting, because the Ranger is really little more than a sword-free Zorro knockoff.

... Anyhow, the preliminary box-office info is in: it's a disappointment for sure, but probably not a Speed Racer-level bomb; it'll join Prince of Persia and The Sorceror's Apprentice, and John Carter of M*** in the "failed franchises" category.

Pirates 5 is due two summers from now. If I were a Disney exec, I'd be re-reading that script super-hard to make sure it's a fine one.
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