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Re: Jabba the Hut

Or she subconsciously used the force. Vader's daughter... With training Leia should be able to juggle elephants. Without training, now and then, she can choke a bitch she shouldn't have the strength to realistically choke.

Jabba was role playing a fetish and wasn't actually dead.

If the Hutt are more like worms than lizards, then they have no skeletons. And if they're more like slugs than worms, then Leia should have been able to cut Jaba in half with that chain.

If a Hutts genitals are in their neck, I imagine that the bulk of their neck is a scrotal collar just under the dermal surface, and a penis pops out of thier mouth like a second tounge, or that erection set of teeth that potrude from the xenomorphs from Aliens.
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