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I'm a bit farther into the game now, just got through the subway.

Great story/cinematography, average gameplay. Stealth mechanics have a few major issues. Like, they go for visceralness but then create this artificial supply shortage where there's absolutely no reason this guy should not carry around a pocket knife so he doesn't have to craft shivs that break after one use. And area barriers don't always look like barriers, and when the NPCs say "We can go in here!" It's not always obvious where they're referring to which has lead to a lot of unnecessary poking around the environment in the wrong area and unnecessary fights. And sometimes they don't give you important information until lack of that information results in a game over. Like, I try to strangle a clicker, die, and it says "Oh BTW trying to strangle a clicker is death, just FYI".

As a person who lives in Boston, though, the area design is extremely 'Uncanny valley'. Like, they have the right highways, a realistic looking capitol building, correctly named subway stations, random swan boats laying around, busts that look exactly like busts in Boston Common laying around. A ton of signposts that tell you "I am in Downtown Boston". Yet, nothing looks like the actual places in Boston where these things belong. (If you're going to make a place obviously Boston, give us a few Easter eggs! Like the duckling statues knocked over and mossy. Or at least make the skyline accurate.)

Very good game, but so many people are saying 'Best of Gen' and I can't possibly call a game Best of Gen if the main draw of the game is the story and cinematography. Cinematography isn't what video games are about.
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