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Re: Any old timers still around?

I still see Rosemary and Emissary from time to time - nothing much has changed for either of them, though Emissary finished university since those days, of course.

I've run into Dorothy_Zbornak once or twice - he now lives in my old neighbourhood (I bought a condo a year and a half ago and moved from the apartment I'd lived in for 14 years) but we've never actually hung out.

I don't recognize the other two usernames you mentioned at all, so while they may be people I know in local fandom, I certainly never knew them here. But I do know that one of my convention colleagues used to post here - I just don't recall her screen name, and we never posted in the same fora, as far as I know.

(Wow, that whole paragraph was a Who's Who of old-time posters who don't come around any more, wasn't it? I didn't even mention that a few years ago, I dated Evil_Admiral's university roommate for a year and a half... but he's not a Toronto person, so that's a completely different topic.)

I hang out with Chrinfinity fairly frequently - I was at her place for most of yesterday, in fact. I don't know if you know her, though she used to comment occasionally on my LJ posts. She's been here a long time, but doesn't post that frequently, and when she does, she sticks to the Trek Lit and DS9 fora, if memory serves.

As for our LJ discussions to which I was alluding - they had to do with the fact that Utah is one huge closet. Hence my comment about thinking of you when I see cute Mormon boys on the street.
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