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Re: Scotty and his military comment

If a fleet is mothballed, it's not being used. Inactive. If Starfleet's exploratory and scientific programs continued, surely the fleet would continue to be used in those capacities, and there would be dozens of other miscellaneous duties more necessary and/or beneficial to the Federation than waging cold war with the Klingons to be performed. She asked if giving up the fight with the Klingons would mean giving up their ships. This straw man is raised again at the dinner aboard the Enterprise when Chang asks Kirk if he'd be willing to "give up Starfleet," as if it would cease to exist if peace were made. Fortunately, the ever logical Spock is there to save Kirk from falling into this trap of words. Of course Kirk would never give up Starfleet, but that was never what he was being called upon to do. One thing we've never seen over the years is Starfleet not having anything to do to occupy itself, irrespective of whether there's a war going on or not. It's not only a straw man, but a non sequitur as well.
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