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Re: Casting the DS9 Relaunch

Christopher said:
Razuur2 said:
Nope I totally missed the asian thing...
One would think the name Tenmei would've been a clue...
It was no clue to me, because I'd never heard the name "Tenmei" before.

I thought her name seemed somewhat Bajoranic, so I initially thought she was a Bajoran. In fact, at the end of Avatar, Book Two, I remember feeling surprised that Vaughn had had a Bajoran wife (mistress/lover/whatever), and wondering why he hadn't looked either her or Prynn up when he came to Bajor. I'm not sure whether I simply overlooked a mention of Prynn being Human in Avatar somewhere, or whether S.D. Perry omitted any reference to her species at all, and my mind filled in the gaps incorrectly.

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