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Re: Casting the DS9 Relaunch

For what it's worth, I managed to completely miss the fact that Bowers is black.

A few of my own thoughts:

Shar-- Vincent Kartheiser. Pretty. Somewhat effeminate. Capable of great angst (he did Whedon, for godssakes).

Councillor zh'Thane -- Stockard Channing. I have a whole new respect for her since she's been on The West Wing.

Treir -- Suzie Plakson. Duh.

Taran'atar -- Christopher Judge. The character has a Teal'c quality already, and Judge's voice would help fill the void left by Avery Brook's rumbling bass.

Vedek Yevir -- Ed Wasser. No one can play as slimy as Mr. Morden.

Bowers: J. August Richards. Not sure why, seems to fit.
Kid: Are you the Son of Mogh?
Worf: Yes, I am.
Kid: Is it true you can kill someone just by looking at them?
Worf: Only when I am angry.
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