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Re: Scotty and his military comment

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A strawman argument REMAINS a strawman argument no matter how many people are discussing it.
It's not a strawman if people are actually discussing the possibility, is it ?
Of course it is. That's the whole point of CREATING a strawman argument: so that people will discuss THAT instead of what's actually being proposed.

Besides, a strawman is a misrepresentation of someone's argument. The female character asked a question about the impact of the events discussed in the briefing.
Which is nevertheless a misrepresentation of Spock's proposal that they NEGOTIATE the dismantling of their space stations along the neutral zone. It's an extremist overreaction to what is an otherwise very modest proposal.

Picard doesn't have to be infallible to know more about Starfleet than you do.
He doesn't know more about starfleet than I do because he's a fictional character
And Starfleet is a fictional organization, which means you actually know nothing about it.
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