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Re: Casting the DS9 Relaunch

Christopher said:
Sci said:
Mr. Cole - Also a tough one. Hugh Laurie, star of House, MD comes to mind.
Odd choice. He's usually a comic actor.
Joss Whedon often notes that comedic actors are often very good at drama, because comedy is harder to do!

I decided to be a traditionalist and cast Trek's one-man repertory company, Jeffrey Combs, as Cole. Let him play a human for once.
Not a bad choice at all!

'Cause I'd pay good money to see Bruce McGill as Koll Azernal.
Hmm, that's who I decided to cast in the role. (I've mentioned it here before, though, so maybe that's what gave you the idea?)
Might be. I don't recall. But I saw him in The Sum of All Fears and realized that he was perfect for the role.

Razuur2 said:
Prynn Tenmei - Jennifer Garner - definitely not Rachel Luttrel
You do realize that Prynn is supposed to be of Asian descent on her mom's side, right?

Treir - Tricia Helfer with green skin...
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