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Re: Klingon Battle Cruiser

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However, I can't concur with some posters that the head only holds the officers quarters while the crew quaters are located in the engineering hull.
The Klingons have a aristocratic social hierarchy, the officers (with some exceptions) come from the ruling houses. The enlisted crew come from "the commoners." Having a physical separation between the living/sleeping arrangments would reinforce this social order.

Plus there might not be all that much room in the bulb, what with forward disruptors, torpedo system, sensors, control facilities, life support and what not. The officers by themselves might be pretty tightly packed

I believe Klingon technology to be somewhat inferior and crude in comparison to Federation technology ...
This could only be taken so far and still have the Klingon Empire be a viable threat the the Federation.

The crude way their ships appear could be a culturally driven look, deliberately cramped, misty and with low light levels. When Kirk ordered his ship out of Romulan space at warp 9, the D-7 chasing him was able to match his speed.

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