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Re: Casting the DS9 Relaunch

I don't know some of the mentioned characters yet because I am about to begin Mission Gamma pt. 2

Elias Vaughn - I actually view the dude on the covers. The model they picked fits perfectly for him I think.

Prynn Tenmei - Jennifer Garner - definitely not Rachel Luttrel

Shar - I don't really have a Shar - the model is a bit to kid like for me. I picture a twentyish effeminate male.

Admiral Akaar - I completely view him as the Akaar on the cover of Red King. That stony face is perfect.

Taran'atar - I can't really see an actor here, I just have a deep voiced Jem'Hadar in my head

Treir - Tricia Helfer with green skin...
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