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Re: CJ1701's Current Project: U.S.S Pike

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USS sisko
USS picard
USS janeway

to go with a ship named USS archer, the runabout porthos

The runabout is good idea,
but the ships are named after past / deceased starfleet Captain's who made a difference in Starfleet.

Admiral Archer, Captain of the NX-01 Enterprise, deceased in 2263

Admiral Pike
, Captain of the USS Enterprise, deceased in 2259

Captain Robert April
, Captain of the USS Enterprise, still alive.

Captain Robau
, Captain of the USS Kelvin, deceased in 2233

Lieutenant Commander George Kirk
, XO of the USS Kelvin, deceased in 2233.

Commodore Decker, Captain of the USS Constellation, deceased in 2267.

As for Paris, I'd have to make one up on the spot.

So ships named after the 24th century captain's: Picard, Janeway, and Sisko, would be in service during the late 25th century and I don't know if this line of ships would still be in service then.

Especially if Picard's grandfather was still in diapers, on mars.
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