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Re: Corporate Bad Guys

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I meant audiences would be less likely to sympathise, not that they wouldn't. Plenty of excellent, popular Shakespeare plays focus on the wealthy, and even monarchs.

In the folklore of old, very often the hero had immense wealth and power. Be they a knight, or even King Arthur himself. The successful have slowly become more hated over time, largely due to tedious liberal agenda and an absurd fetishisation of the working class. Being poor in fiction is seen as a virtue by modern critical thinking.
Arthur, in many versions starts off poor and unaware of his royal lineage. Jesus, Moses and others also start off with humble up bringing only to discover their "divinity" later. Superman plays on this trope as well.

I think the rich and powerful have been cast as villains for as long as there have been storytellers. Likewise the poor and humble have been cast as heroes. Was there a tedious liberal agenda when Robin Hood began stealing from the rich to give to the poor? Was there "modern critical thinking" going on when David slew Goliath? Myths legends are full of Evil Queens, Greedy Kings and Wicked Sorcerers. Also humble tailors, brave boys named Jack and poor girls named Cinderella.
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