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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Well, I finally managed to finish the 'Argo' storyline a couple of days ago. All in all, I enjoyed it greatly. At least this encounter between Clark/Supes and Doomsday was a bit more epic than what we got in the finale of Season 8.

One of the things I haven't really commented on is the artwork on this book, which is truly superb in some instances (the close-up of Kara on Page 4 of Issue 52 is a good example, even though she's not drawn to really look like Laura Vandervoort). I also really liked the final page of the story. A perfect image, really.

But the most touching moment by far was Clark encounter young Bart. I guess there's no question now about his future origin.

Good stuff. Bring on Wonder Woman!
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