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Re: The X-Files: for want of a modern cellphone...

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Yeah it's always weird seeing those old flip-phones and big, clunky computers in old movies and TV shows now.
I still use a Nokia flip-open cellphone. It works.

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Modern technology would ruin the "X-files".
The X-Files is hardly unique in that respect. How many movies and TV shows from the pre-cellular age have plot points that depend on a character being able to get to a phone -- or not being able to get to a phone? All those stories would have to be written differently today.
I bet every episode would end with Mulder checking his cellphone and finding that his entire photo library had mystery been deleted. And then a shadowy figure walks out of frame, and Mulder chases him, and when he turns the corner the shadowy figure is gone, and Mulder is left with an empty phone, which he then throws against the wall.

Then the FBI stops allowing him to carry a company phone because he keeps breaking them.
Of course, Mulder learns from this and buys his own secret cellphone that can't be hacked into or fucked with, because the FBI doesn't know that it exists! Then, he puts something on it like Spotflux or PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) so that all of his data's encrypted.
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