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Re: Casting the DS9 Relaunch

Elias Vaughn - Hmm. Connery without the Scottish accent, I suppose. Except, what's the point of an accent-less Connery? Possibly Edward James Olmos.

Prynn Tenmei - It's got to be Grace Park.

Shar - Vincent Kartheiser of Angel fame. The guy can act, and he's effeminate enough that I can buy him as a chan.

Admiral Akaar - Hmm. Tough one. I honestly can't think of many incredibly tall character actors. Any takers?

Taran'atar - Ah, c'mon. After he's been a guest star so often, let's go ahead and give Tony Todd a regular role. To expand things, though, I find that the voice of Taran'atar in my head also resembles somewhat that of Laurence Fishbourne.

Sam Bowers - Hmm. Jesse L. Martin works, though I think Bowers is supposed to be a little bit younger than that. Matthew St. Patrick of Six Feet Under fame also comes to mind.

Phillipa Mathias - Mary-Louise Parker (of Angels in America, West Wing, and theatrical fame). Just because we need an excuse to bring her aboard.

Treir - I'm tempted to typecast Cyia Batten as Treir, because she did an excellent job in a very horrible episode of ENT as Navaar. Suzie Plakston, of course, also comes to mind, though I think Treir's supposed to be younger than that.

Hetik - Give it to Nick Lachey. What the hell, the poor guy just got dumped, and he's certainly himboish enough.

Cenn Desca - Liev Schreiber, who played John Clark in The Sum of All Fears comes to mind, but I honestly can't recall what Major Cenn is supposed to look like. Alexis Denisof also comes to mind -- mostly because he's one of my favorite actors and I'd look for any excuse to have him aboard. He's probably got the wrong build for it, though.

Ethan Locken - It's got to be Anthony Michael Hall. The man did an amazing job playing Bill Gates in Pirates of Silicon Valley; combine that with the darkness of Johnny Smith from The Dead Zone, and you've got a great villain.

Mr. Cole - Also a tough one. Hugh Laurie, star of House, MD comes to mind. Of course, Agent Cole hasn't reappeared since Section 31: Abyss, so who the hell knows if he's going to be a major character or not?

First Minister Asarem Wadeen - Angela Bassett certainly comes to mind here. I might say Halle Berry if she was about ten years older.
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