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Up the Long Ladder - What did Danilo say?

In TNG's "Up the Long Ladder", during the final Observation Lounge scene where Wilson Granger (the Mariposan prime minister) first meets Danilo O'Dell (the Bringloidi elder), the two wind up bickering.

I'm sorry, Captain. It's out of the question. You're trying to dump your problems on us. We have problems of our own.

But, don't you understand? The Bringloidi can help you.

Look at him! How could we ever integrate THAT into our society?

You're no prize, yerself!

Primitive, hostile, disruptive! It would require an enormous effort to even educate them.

Oh, FORGET IT, Captain Picard! I'm not gonna come in here, with my hat in my hand, begging charity from this ________!

Now, stop!

Fill in the blank. What was the missing word that Danilo O'Dell said? Are there any transcriptions on TNG episodes anywhere on the web to confirm it?
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