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Equinox is a mess. The only thing their experience shares in common is being pulled into the Delta Quadrant by a being called the Caretaker. From there, their experience diverges. Voyager encounters the Kazon, Vidiians, Talaxians, and the friendly Sikari, meanwhile Equinox encounters the Krowtonan Guard, whom Neelix has never mentioned (the Mikhail Travelers in "Darkling" warned Voyager about a different dangerous group ahead, whom they avoided). Meanwhile, Voyager's encountered the Borg or Borg-affected worlds & people a few times while Equinox somehow completely avoided it. How can Equinox avoid all the races Voyager encountered for est. 1000+ ly (Seasons 1-2)? How can Equinox avoid the Borg who occupy a huge swath of the quadrant and have transwarp conduits increasingly intersecting the midis arrived after "Dark Frontier"'s jump)
Ransome did say they encountered a wormhole in their journey back, which is why they managed to travel as far as they did, never encountered the aliens and planets Voyager did, and avoided tangling with the Swedes. That was before they ever came in contact with the Death Dolphins.
Have spacesuit...will travel.

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