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Re: 7 Things That Must Be In MAN OF STEEL 2

Shaka Zulu wrote: View Post
Also, The Newsboy Legion have no place in a modern Superman/DC Comic context (hell, they didn't have any when they were 'reintroduced', in a manner of speaking, by John Byrne during his run in the mid-80s-these ones were clones of the originals, their 'fathers' having become part of Project Cadmus itself.)
Actually, they were reintroduced in the post-Crisis Superman titles in a story written by Roger Stern after Byrne's departure...and this was reviving characters and concepts that Jack Kirby had created as part of his own revival of the Newsboy Legion in the 1970s. In that version, I think they were just supposed to be identical sons of the original, now-grown Legion from the '40s, not clones.

But yeah, sounds like somebody's personal pet favorite coming out, hardly a must-see in a Superman film for most moviegoers. On that note....

The Borgified Corpse wrote: View Post
Newsboy Legion sounds a bit dated anyway.
Indeed, they were dated when Kirby brought them back in the 70s.

I suppose it kind of makes sense that Lex Luthor wasn't in Man of Steel. That seems to be the trend nowadays that the first new movie in a well known property only hints at the main villain. He doesn't really appear until the 2nd movie. We've already seen this with Norman Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man, the Joker in Batman Begins & The Dark Knight, and Professor Moriarty in the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies.
And a very smart trend, as Nolan's Batfilms demonstrated....Better to save the main villain that everyone wants to see for his own film, rather than try to crowd him into the second half of the hero's origin film.
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