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Re: 7 Things That Must Be In MAN OF STEEL 2

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Keep in mind, Snyder and Nolan are setting up Superman and his world, that's why we don't see him as Clark Kent with the glasses and the job at the Daily Planet doing what he usually does with Lois, Jimmy/Jenny and Perry White (although we got a lot of the Daily Planet and how heroic the staffers are in a crisis!) All of this probably meant more to Snyder and Nolan than just doing the same set-up as existed in the Donner and Singer Superman continuity (and is similar to what was done, it seems, in The Amazing Spider-Man by not showing the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson and all of the rest of that set-up.)
Yes, they are setting up Superman & his world. I get that. But I don't find that set up portion of it very interesting. I certainly see the echoes of the structure of Batman Begins in here. But I found Batman's origins interesting in a way that I'm just not interested in Superman's origins.

Similarly, I found all the set up in The Amazing Spider-Man fairly tedious. But that was because it was just rehashing the same origin story we'd already seen in the 2002 Spider-Man movie (more or less). I wasn't so much bothered by the asbsence of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson, et al., because I don't consider them to be so absolutely vital the the overall Spider-Man feel. But to me, Clark Kent & Lois Lane at the Daily Planet IS Superman. Anything else is just a random guy flying around in a cape.

I'll give Man of Steel credit for at least not being a pointless rehash in the spirit of The Amazing Spider-Man. Man of Steel is a unique take on Superman's origins. I just don't find a pre-Daily Planet Superman to be particularly interesting or recognizable.
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