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Re: Why is Data so likeable?

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His lack of emotions (in the episodes) is what gives him the likeable personality
sadsquid wrote: View Post
I think a big part is that he treats everyone with respect. He doesn't have prejudice or pride or anything.
Tosk wrote: View Post
I also find his eagerness to learn and lack of guile quite charming.
sadsquid wrote: View Post
His childlike innocence and na´vety, combined with his massive strength and intelligence
I'd say all of the above is part of the phenomenon of Data's charm, but with specific regard to that last part. It's specifically that he is this awesome product of our genius. Super strength, speed, efficiency & intelligence. Perhaps the most impressive specimen of human ingenuity ever. He is all these amazing things which we love to see in sci-fi, & yet, he is endowed with an almost unequaled humility to anyone else in the cast. He knows exactly how much better he is than a human & in what ways, but in no way does he ever presume that he is anything but lesser & flawed

His humility is what makes him endearing. The old saying "Power corrupts" is true of humans & Data is more powerful than any human ever, but he manages to be just, honorable, loyal & humble regardless

The scene that comes to mind is in "The Offspring" when Data has stated his case & Picard has followed suit, but the response is that the Admiral still intends to take her. Picard actually has to stop Data from accepting defeat. Data is so gentle that he almost lets society trample him, & only through people wanting to protect him is he able to succeed in life, at times

In a way, though he is the strongest & toughest crew member. He is also the most fragile & easily taken advantage of
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