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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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guys please read this article from Entertainment Weekly, one of the most trusted entertainment sites ever
For me that's pretty much an oxymoron.

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trek did not make the list. which means to an extent it has been a box office disappointment.
Nope, it means it didn't make the personal list of one reviewer, who admits his selection is arbitrary and up for discussion. There's nothing wrong with that since discussion is his job, he's not laying claim to ultimate truth.

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STiD was much more of a huge fan service to TOS trek fans thereby alienating new fans...The box office is proof of that.
I didn't alienate me, quite the contrary. If anything I've seen more old fans dislike it because of what they see as dissing TOK. I don't understand how a completely new fan would even recognise old fan service without watching old time Trek.

Box office numbers are driven mostly by non fans, since there are so many more of them. Most non fans I know liked it, those that didn't either thought it was too slow (young men), sexist (young women) or confusing (the middle aged). However my sample size is 1-3 people in each group so that means nothing.

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Laugh all you want. However what they said is the solid truth. it is left for the wise to humble themselves and listen instead of making a joke out of the truth that remains unchangeable.
Everything dies = solid truth.

Any expert's guess at what exactly drives the masses = guess.
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