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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

zDarby wrote: View Post
I don't see a single Romulan system as being any kind of threat to the Federation.
Neither do I. That's kinda my point.

The feeling of the Romulan encounters in TOS is one of controlled fear: they're a serious threat, even if the BAT-BOP was no match for the Enterprise, a war with them would be protracted and costly... and any miss-step on Enterprise's part would cause such a war.
And yet this has been true of North Korea for almost 50 years despite that country's incredibly small size and its complete lack of ability to actually attack America with anything more substantial than harsh words. It is also true of Iran, in similar ways and for similar reasons.

Rather than being a large and powerful empire that could actually threaten the Federation, Romulus appears instead to be a dangerous and unpredictable rogue state that cannot be trusted to play nice unless they are fully and decisively contained.

That's not the attitude Kirk would project for a one system species...
Kirk, for one, has overturned whole civilizations for less.

I would make similar arguments about a non-FTL Romulan Empire.
FTL is a simple enough technology that I doubt the Romulans would be unaware of it or unable to manufacture it themselves. But in Balance of Terror, they don't seem to be using it all that effectively, and it's probably because the entire episode takes place within a single solar system.

And I don't see the Federation sitting back and doing nothing while the Romulans are effectively occupied by the Klingons.
Prime Directive sucks like that.

Of course, considering Ambassador Nonclus' presence in the President's office, I doubt they DID sit back and do nothing. Nonclus probably represents a government-in-exile that the Federation has been hoping to install there if and when Klingon occupation comes to an end, enlisting Fderation support in liberating Romulus with the understanding that the newly victorious government would bring Romulus into the Federation (hence the President treats Nonclus almost like a Federation member and even lets him sit in on Colonel Wests' "clean their chronomters" briefing) That the Ambassador was later implicated in the Cartwright Conspiracy would neatly explain why that deal ultimately fell through.
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