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Re: 7 Things That Must Be In MAN OF STEEL 2

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Project Cadmus and the Newsboy Legion? I seriously doubt it. There's a lot of Superman material to mine without going that obscure.
Also, The Newsboy Legion have no place in a modern Superman/DC Comic context (hell, they didn't have any when they were 'reintroduced', in a manner of speaking, by John Byrne during his run in the mid-80s-these ones were clones of the originals, their 'fathers' having become part of Project Cadmus itself.) As well, there's no Jimmy Olsen, it's now Jenny Olsen, so the Newsboy Legion wouldn't really fit with a female unless they were all given a gender change and called the Newsgirl Legion (and there are really no 'newsboys' or 'newsgirls' anymore, making the point moot; DC isn't going to bring the Newsboy Legion back in the new 52 in anyway that I can see would work now.)

The Borgified Corpse wrote: View Post
As for Superman Returns, I think the movie had a sufficient amount of action. I think what people objected to was the kind of action in it. For the main climax of the film, I think they wanted to see Superman fight something/someone. Instead, he just threw a giant rock into space.

Personally, I liked Superman Returns a lot better than Man of Steel. Despite its lack of fighting and Lex Luthor's ludicrous plan, I thought it at least felt like a Superman movie; and a very heartfelt one at that. To this day, I still get chills during that bit during the airplane/shuttle rescue sequence where Lois gets her first new glimpse of Superman in 5 years. All of the Superman/Lois/Clark stuff was absolutely right. And, to me, that's the essential core of Superman more than anything else.

Man of Steel set a new standard as far as the scale of superheroics on the big screen. But I just felt that the heart of the film was missing. If you don't have Clark Kent in with the rest of the Daily Planet crowd, I don't think it qualifies as a genuine Superman story. The snappy push-pull between Clark & Lois was totally missing.

I loved Superman Returns myself (and the airplane sequence, as well as the scene where Superman rescues Lois, her husband, and her boy), but as much as I would have loved to have seen a sequel to it, I've got to admit that time has marched on, and that Superman has to be made anew if it's going to survive as a entertainment franchise on film. As far as the 'heart' of the movie, it did exist; it was there in the scenes with Ma and Pa Kent, and the way that they imparted Clark/Kal with what he needed to be to become Superman eventually, and the way that Martha Kent mothered the older Clark/Superman despite all of what was going on; it was also there in the way that Jor-El helped Superman and Lois out against General Zod and company, and of what wisdom he imparted to his son as a holographic A.I.

Keep in mind, Snyder and Nolan are setting up Superman and his world, that's why we don't see him as Clark Kent with the glasses and the job at the Daily Planet doing what he usually does with Lois, Jimmy/Jenny and Perry White (although we got a lot of the Daily Planet and how heroic the staffers are in a crisis!) All of this probably meant more to Snyder and Nolan than just doing the same set-up as existed in the Donner and Singer Superman continuity (and is similar to what was done, it seems, in The Amazing Spider-Man by not showing the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson and all of the rest of that set-up.) The fans/general public wanted this and brought this about by rejecting Superman Returns (I'm not saying that you did), now they all can put up or have a nice cup of shut the heck up-please.

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